I think it was about time that i changed my user picture from Olga's face to my own... I'm not Olga...and that's wierd. Maybe its because people I don't know have used my photos as their profile picture, or sent me weird graffics and collages of myself. Not that that's bad or anything, cause lord knows I used to do that of Olga, but now it just seems WEIRD! But im flattered at the same time, cause I know that at the peak of my admiration for Olga, creating things with her likeness was the only way I could express my respect for her. Now, I would just like to be able to work with her, see how she trains and prepares for a show, i think i could learn a lot from her, she is so experianced. That is what I love most about working in a show with people who have been doing circus for so long, they know their shit and watching them is like clockwork! their preparation is so engrained, they can keep 100% focus on what is happening in the show rather than worrying about their own act. That is something I want to be able to accomplish. A confidence in my act that will allow me to keep my mind in the show and embody it as a whole.
Id also like to do a planche HAHAHAHAH!


For those of you in the Los Angeles area, there is an AMAZING show going on called CIRQUE BERZERK! Its inside a giant circus tent and features amazingly dark and sexy acrobats and dancers! Yours truely will be preforming contortion and handbalance :). The show has been running for close to a month now and we have had several extentions due to its huge popularity, so CHECK IT OUT! My circus dream came true, to come party with me!
here is a bit of reading for all of you who are interested
Cirque Berzerk – The Alternative Circus Extends LA Run!
For Five Performances per Weekend
At Los Angeles State Historic Park
Through July 26, 2009

”Make no mistake – it’s not a traditional circus. It’s a home-grown interpretation of vaudevillian traditions, mixed with burlesque showmanship, sprinkled with a little punk rock!” –KABC, June 18, 2009

Following a roaring opening weekend with rave reviews from the media and a swarm of positive online buzz, Cirque Berzerk, LA’s sexy, gothic circus extravaganza, is extending its downtown run through Sunday, July 26, 2009.

Please note, the show times have now changed on Fridays and Sundays. Starting June 25th, Cirque Berzerk will offer five shows per 4-day weekend. The new schedule includes one performance on Thursdays and Fridays at 8:30pm, two on Saturdays at 7:00 and 10:00pm, and one show on Sunday at 8:00pm.

Cirque Berzerk, which debuted its new show on June 18th, presents a twisted Big Top experience. The tight-knit “family” troupe created by Kevin Bourque and Suzanne Bernel at Burning Man, now features a death-defying double trampoline act, a bone bending, sensuous acrobatic dance, operatic sopranos, Olympic gymnasts, prima ballerinas, mind-melting bungee acts and an aerial performance by co-artistic director/co-choreographer Neal Everett and dancer Tavi Stutz that is making hearts throb. All this, plus, jaw-dropping acrobatics, stunning male and female aerialists, sexy, fiery burlesque dancers, gothic stilt walkers, punk rock clowns, psychedelic vaudevillian tomfoolery, and one very voluptuous contortionist. “There is something here for every reveler!” says Bernel.

Cirque Berzerk provides an entire evening-long escape into a zany, sizzling, theatrical, underground ‘surreality.’ guests are encouraged to arrive early before the show to dine (and drink with valid ID) picnic-style around the big top and enjoy interactive carnival-themed attractions. After the nightly performances, the audience is invited to party with the Cirque Berzerk circus troupe and enjoy a live performance by LA’s hot and spicy, 18-piece, bawdy New Orleans-style band, Vaud & The Villains at the nightly post-show party held in “The Berzerk Lounge,” a club- like atmosphere adjacent to the big top that will enable guests to continue their Cirque Berzerk experience. Entrance to The Berzerk Lounge is FREE to all ticket holders age 21+.

Although Cirque Berzerk is “adult-themed” and not intended for small children, the show is suitable for tween and teen audiences (particularly fans of Twilight, The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline). While a number of acts are sensual there is no nudity, violence, profanity or “live sex” in the show. For reference, if the show were a movie, the ratings board would most likely give Cirque Berzerk a PG-13 rating.

The Cirque Berzerk original soundtrack, composed by co-founder and ringleader Kevin Bourque, is now available on CD.

The circus is offering a 10 percent discount for those arriving by bus or rail. Just show your Metro pass or ticket for the discount.

Cirque Berzerk takes place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Formerly known as “The Cornfield,” the last vast open space in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, The Los Angeles State Historic Park spans 32 acres, sits adjacent to Chinatown and is easily accessible by bus, rail, car or bicycle.

Online ticketing is available, with ticket prices ranging between $25 and $80. For more information and for online ticketing, please visit

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For the last couple of months ive been working on a full length show doing my contortion act for cirque berzerk. last night we had a "lions Den" / Press show and it's the most amazing thing i have ever been a part of! We are in a real circus tent with amazing lighting, live band and the acts are absolutely awesome. If anyone is interested, go to WWW.CIRQUEBERZERK.COM opening night is tonight! 24th-27th
Here's an article with pictures from the LA times,0,6357271.photogallery?1
I wasnt there for the shoot so there are no pictures of me
Im so amazed that i actually made it this far with actually be preforming in a tent has been something that ive dreamed about and now its coming true! im soooooooo happy!

olgas b day

ITS OLGA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! happy 28th olga! with out you, maybe i wouldn't have 24 hour back pain, but its all worth it! thanks for existing! you help make my life fun!!!!!

kind of a late post put its only 11:34, still technically her birthday.. or night. Now just 10 days till mine and ill be 18! finally!



im not sure if im going or preforming this year just cause i have to convince my mom o let me go, pay for me and get me to vegas all in one piece (and it dosent help that she HATES Vegasand last time we went she said that she never wanted to go again..hehe) But there is a REALLY good chance i will go and if i get it together, preform there also, eventho i will be the least flexable and look dumb,...... :( everyone there is sooooo good i will be so demoralized if i go! lol

SO YEA whos planning on going?